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Finally … a PROVEN program that exposes you.
specifically methods to alter your resume.
and cover letter from regular to remarkable …
in one night.

Join my students who’ve mastered the 3 actions to turn your resume into an Interview Magnet.

You CAN prevent the resume “fantastic space of doom”. Discover the efficient resume techniques that helped secure job offers at Google, Intuit, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund and 100+ other company:.

  • If you do not have a lot of experience



    • Even.
      , if you have holes in your resume
    • .


    • Even.
      , if you’re trying to alter markets
    • .


    • Even.
      , if you think you do not have any accomplishments worth pointing out
    • .


  • Even.

Overnight Resume Makeover - Ramit Sethi2

Why I Spent 100+ Hours Tweaking My Resume Like a Weirdo

Take 5 seconds to think your dream job … business you ‘d provide anything to run at.

Now image the CEO granted have a look at your resume.

There’s just one catch: You simply get 10secondsof his time.

Now, be completely genuine with yourself: Would your resume stand out? Would it be exceptional? Would your resume get you the job of your dreams?

Hi, my name is Ramit Sethi. I made up the New York Times bestseller, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and a number of years previously, while I was a student at Stanford, I picked to divide the code behind crafting a top-notch resume.

I invested 100+ hours making up and tweaking it (not a typo … I was a significant geek). I utilized to all kind of company– tech powerhouses like Google and Intuit, management consulting business like BCG and Bain, and considerable financial company …

… and I got decreased over and over.

Everyone comprehend the experience of sending our resumes to an organisation … happy to notify them why we’re perfect for the job … then waiting, and waiting … and never ever hearing back. Doing it over, and over, and over. Questioning if they even got the resume. Awakening early and clicking “renew” in our inbox … then sighing.

Ugh. This occurred to me more times than I can count.

That’s when I went total nutso. Like I notified you, I’m not so competent at getting neglected. I have a look at every resume book I may get my hands on. I consulted from the experts. I fine-tuned my cover and resume letter for hours and hours.

And after that something modified. I got a job offer. Another. And another.

I truly ended up stabilizing a great deal of offers that I required to (happily) encourage company that if they were going to make me an offer, it required to be rapidly … considering that the other company preferred an action.

A top-notch resume can open a good deal of doors.

What hiring managers will not notify you …

Today, I want to reveal you specifically how I turned my initial, dreadful resume into an interview magnet. I’ve been on both sides of the utilizing table– as a possibility and as a hiring manager.

And here’s something most utilizing managers will not notify you:.

You get 10 seconds.

All your work … all your capabilities … all your abilities and character … all your years of effort … they all make you 10secondsof a hiring manager’s time when they have a look at your resume.

For most of us, our cover letter and resume are the at firstand simplyfunctions people a hiring manager sees. You might be exceptional, nevertheless these 2 documents represent EVERYTHING an organisation comprehends about you. If they’re not exceptional, too … forget about it.

Like it or not, that’s a LOT of pressure riding on a single paper.

For most of us, our resume is.
our one shot at a dream job!

It makes great sense why we get so nervous composing our resumes!

That’s why we customize them over and over up till they do not even look like us! (Be genuine: Is your resume filled with horrible “corporate-speak”? Mine was the really very first time I composed it.).

That’s why we get crazy when we do not get an action from the really first resume we send out.

Precisely what can we do about it?

I’ll notify you precisely what most of individuals do. They send out another resume. Another one. Rapidly, they’ve sent our resume to 25 company … and we have actually not even gotten an action! I call this the “Black Hole of Doom”. Precisely what could be more depressing?

Pretty rapidly, we start questioning ourselves.

  • ” What do I require to expose for the last 3 years of work?”
  • ” Do I have adequate experience to even be considered for this job?”
  • ” Why would I stand out?”

I have some issue.One of our biggest issues– that your resume look like EVERY OTHER resume out there– is real. If yours was outstanding enough, would not it be opening doors presently?

This is where some people finally just quit. “Ugh, I’ll just take precisely what I have and send it in,” we specify. “It is precisely what it is.”.

It appears like the computer game is stacked versus us. Business have all the power– they do not even react!– and they can pick who lands the dream jobs … or any job … and who requires to awaken to yet another day of the specific very same grind.

How are we anticipate to establish resumes and cover letters that can open to dream jobs when no one teaches us methods to do it? Google “resume concepts” and you get a continuously list of worthless tips like “do not forget to spell-check” or “get their attention.”.

Isn’t truly there a far better approach?

The “Resume Secrets” I Learned.
In the Halls of Stanford

When I was discovering out how to compose my resume, I made every mistake you can make. I wasted time worrying over font design size. I changed the margins. I truly taken in over the type of PAPER. I desire I had a time gadget so I may return and kick myself in the face.

All of my mistakes taught me that a number of the “expert suggestions” about resumes is misguiding. That’s my excellent approach of specifying HORRIBLE. Actually, it drives me outrageous! Half of these experts have never ever gotten a top-tier job … so how can they notify you what works and precisely what does not?

They do not even comprehend how the computer game is played!

I want to teach you the hard-won resume lessons I discovered in the halls of Stanford, where I was surrounded by students who utilized to the world’s leading company (and usually got job offers). I had a little group of buddies who shared and enhanced the best techniques and concepts … nevertheless we never ever shared them outside our little circle. Formerly.

How are those lessons numerous than the routine resume suggestions you’re made use of to?

” After bearing in mind from [your resume program], I picked to do something about it by making a go to at the occupation center on my school. I wanted to see if they had any details that was even close to the quality you were providing prior to I updated my resume with your ideas.

The Princeton Review ranks this occupation center in the top 15 in the nation, and do you comprehend precisely what they focused on for 80% of our half-hour go to? Formatting! I was frightened at this after seeing your session and learning far more crucial lessons. I am flying to Redmond, WA next month to interview for a software application engineering in test internship at Microsoft. I am going to make use of possibly 10% of precisely what I discovered in my occupation center and 100% of precisely what you went over in your session to update my resume.”.

Caitlin D

When I safeguarded job offers at Google, and Intuit, and a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, and more … I discovered specifically how the computer game is played– and precisely what it needs to reach company at all levels.

You might be surprised to discover how little most regular suggestions matters. I’ve seen resumes with unattractive typefaces, messed-up margins, and economical paper. They still got the job.


Considering that they had something almost no resumes have: A NARRATIVE.

A story is a story, a thread that loops all the elements of your resume together. When you get 10 seconds, it’s crucial to have a reliable story that leaps off the page. I can expose you specificallymethods to do this … including offering you style templates, word-for-word scripts, and field-tested examples to help you craft your really own.

This is precisely what most resume “experts” completely lose out on.

When you comprehend methods to craft a reliable story, you can truly BEAT OUT PEOPLE WITH 5 YEARS’ MORE EXPERIENCE THAN YOU! I comprehend. Vanquishing Stanford business-school students … as a sophomore considering that I did specifically that. (This was for a job at Sun Microsystems. Btw, I had no technical training, and I was finishing versus previous top-tier management professionals.).

Do not take my word for it.

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes …

When they have a look at your resume, precisely what do they comprehend about you? In 10 seconds?

Try it today. Secure your resume. Pretend you didn’t comprehend this person. Skim it for 10 seconds.

Precisely what do you bear in mind? Precisely what’s exceptional? Do you come across as remarkable?

If not, do not worry. I can help you modify your resume from regular to remarkable.

And when you do, you’ll be amazed at the results:

  • Your resume/cover letter will almost “instantly” boost to the top
  • When you walk into the interview, they’ll presently look like they comprehend you
  • You set yourself up for success considering that if they presently comprehend and like you … which recommends speaking to is easier, and negotiating is easier

I’m going to expose you specifically methods to turn your resume into an impressive “ticket” to an interview.

” I must state, the hour I invested seeing your resume webcast was the best experience I have in fact had on precisely what to do with a resume … I am extremely considering asking my college back for all the occupation improvement charges they charged me. Their workshops end up losing my time. I found more in one hour with you than in 4 years with their suggestions that lead me not to acquire seen.”– Todd Alexis

Let’s start today …

5 Mind-Boggling Mistakes We KEEP MAKING With Our Resumes

Everyone “comprehend” we require to make up a far better resume … yet we keep sending out the specific very same things that makes us look like everyone else!

No more. Here are 5 crucial mistakes I kept making … when I fixed these, I started landing interview after interview.


Our company believe our resume requirements to include whatever from our history. INACCURATE! Your resume is not a consecutive list of truths. Leave it out if you did something that does not support your story! Service dream to see focus, not a random list of jobs that make aren’t significant.


Everyone do not like BS resume-sounding language … yet everyone keep doing it! Have a look at these genuine expressions from real resumes:.

” A ingenious and tactical thinker with impressive made up and spoken interaction capabilities.”.

” Provided results under tight due dates and last minute time constraints.”.

These are genuine expressions … that mean definitely nothing! For some aspect, whenever we establish resumes, we lapse into stilted composing that sounds definitely nothing like us. We comprehend it … we still do it. We’re so insecure about our previous accomplishments, our company believe “dressing it up” in pricey words will hide precisely what we did (or didn’t) do. There’s a far better approach to represent precisely what you’ve done … honestly, and with words that truly impress the hiring manager.


It’s not a surprise that we invest a significant amount of time worrying over these things. That’s precisely what experts notify us to focus on! The variety of times have you have a look at “Resume Writing Advice” that invests 90% of the brief post talking about how necessary it is to keep your resume to 1 page? As if THAT is going to get you the job. Worrying over these useless tactical issues is a wild-goose chase. If you have a technically perfect resume– perfect typefaces, margins, and paper– that’s no service warranty of the job, even. (There IS a far better approach.).


Precisely what’s the more exceptional of the 2?

1: “I’m passionate about design.”.

2: “For example, I’ve taken a look at 20 books on graphic design, take notice of Accidental Creative daily, and had coffee with 5 artists and designers just recently, amongst whom taught me about X.”.

Precisely what about these?

1. “I’m proficient in social media networks.”.

2. “For example, I make use of over 8 social media networks platforms regularly, including YouTube, Twitter and my own specialist blog website which gets rid of 5,000 visitors daily.”.

Program, do not notify. Amongst the best mistakes we make … over and over. I almost guarantee your resume is guilty of this. Take a look at your cover and resume letter today. Am I?


This is the best amongst all! Why would any person want to read your existing resume? Is it remarkable? Does it speak with the particular problems the hiring manager has? Does it make use of the EXACT language the hiring manager uses?

If not, you’re just another entry in the stack.

I see this the time when people utilize to my jobs, specifying “I’ll work for complimentary!” They’re puzzled when I turn them down. Considering that they never ever put in the time to understand that I do not appreciate complimentary … I value other things more than money, that’s.

Bear in mind, you simply have 10 seconds., if you have actually not deeply thought about precisely what the HR person/hiring manager desires … it’s over. If you simply get one little window to make a connection, precisely what’s the best approach to do it?

The Actual Resume I Used.
to Land a Job at Google

I used this resume to acquire jobs at Google, Intuit, and a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. It also got me jobs with Seth Godin, Sun Microsystems, and far more.


Yes, I invested over 100 hours composing it, tweaking it, and evaluating it.

Discover how stealthily simple it looks. It’s does not have a stylish design. I printed it on routine paper. It WORKS.

I ‘d like to provide you a copy of this genuine resume so you can use it in your job search. (Keep having a look at to find methods to get it.).

More considerably, I ‘d like to teach you WHY this resume works, so you can utilize these EXACT insights to your resume and use it to travel past the other “unwashed masses” of resumes that you’re finishing versus.

By the approach, the resume techniques I discovered do not just work for Stanford graduates. I’ve examined it with many people. Here are some examples:.

” You modified our lives. My spouse has in fact gone out work thinking about that October,2011A buddy shared your videos with him … Today, he had a phone interview with Apple. He got the job. Thank you a lot.” Denise M

” After your workshop on resumes, I returned, removed my resume and completely re-did it … it was a much better resume that precisely what I had in fact been previously using, and started focusing on B2B functions in markets that I would get a kick out of. Within 24 hours of sending my re-done resume I had a call back for a really first interview.” Ryan B

I’ve packaged up all the insights and lessons I discovered years ago … plus ingenious item I never ever comprehended at that time. I’ve examined this program with countless people, and fine-tuned the item up till it was just.

… I’m ready to share it with you, so you can get results like this:.

” Used your speaking to and resume methods for the really very first time on Jan. 19 and got offer a job on Jan.24When, this occurred after 3 1/2 months of job surfing and I got a position that quickly after using the methods you teach simply. My new position is an $8,000.00increase over my last with wonderful benefits.” Kesha W

And now, I want to share this program– just recently expanded and chock-full of my outright finest techniques– with you.

Introducing the “Overnight Resume Makeover” Program

This new self-paced program provides you instant access to my straight-out finest item on making up a winning cover and resume letter. I’ve spared definitely nothing, and I’ve included my finest scripts, psychological insights, along with subtle methods that I acquired from the outright finest job hunters worldwide. Including genuine word-for-word resume and cover-letter style templates.

You can alter your resume from typical to sensational … in one night.

What you’ll discover in this program:

    • Actual winning style templates of resumes and cover letters, including psychological breakdowns of WHY they work

, if you do not have 10 years of experience.




  • Proven methods for making your experience shine …even.
  • The SPECIFICwords to make use of in the really first 5 lines of your resume to “handle” precisely what the reader sees (includes case research study studies of how I used this approach in the field)
  • How to determine your worthworth … even if you run in a “soft” (non-technical) field How to ruthlessly get rid of the fluff and B.S. that chokes most resumes using the Plain-English Principle
  • Subtle tweaks to avoid being determined a “job hopper”
  • Learn the 3 actionsto turn your stagnant, dead-in-the-water resume into an “interview ticket” that travels past the unwashed-masses resumes you’re finishing versus
  • Often-overlooked places of your cover letter and resumewhere you can stand out above amateur prospects
  • How to make use of efficient putting “triggers” to adjustment markets
  • How to position “flaws” and mistakes in your occupation so the focus stays on your strengthsand abilities
  • How to look your straight-out finest without extending the truth. The methods taught in this program are 100% hiring-manager and ethical licensed.I personally ensure whatever I teach in this course.
  • ” Storytelling Sales Secrets”and methods to establish a “story tool package” to quickly engage with your possible business and boost head-and-shoulders above the rivals
  • Actual Resumes and Cover Letters That Win– including my line-by-line analysis explaining WHY they work and HOW you can utilize the lessons to your really own resumes and cover letters. Don’t change the wheel. Make use of these evaluated scripts and styles.
  • And more …


The Powerful Material You’ll.
Get Instant Access To

I’ve filled this program to provide you whatever you need to turn your cover and resume letter from typical to proficient– over night.

Overnight Resume Makeover - Ramit Sethi4Overnight Resume Makeover - Ramit Sethi 3

See precisely what other people just like you
mentioned about this item:

” My resume on Monster had in fact been up for a variety of years with about 40 views total up to. I attended your resume course … I made adjustments to my resume based off of your suggestions back in February. I started getting calls from companies (IT is managed by companies in Colorado) every day, typically in between 3 and 5 a day. The next week, I had 4 potential job offers.” David J

” On Monday night I participated in your webinar on producing efficient resumes. As a previous hiring manager for my organisation I analyzed 10,000+ resumes/applications over the previous 8 years and your resume suggestions was on-point, especially: 1) producing a story 2) making every word make it’s area and 3) determining results. Having a look at the 2 resume examples was also helpful as it exposed these 3 points in action.” Corinne G

” I found more since hour about resume crafting and approach than anywhere else in my life.” Chip K

” This is rapidly worth thousands (or more over an occupation life time). Absolutely like it.” Nathaniel C

Make One Decision Today– Just 1

You can keep sending your existing, troublesome resume out to company after company. Some may respond. Lots of will not. You can keep beating your head versus the wall, questioning why they do not remember. You can blame the economy … or the federal government … or our fathers and mamas’ generation.

Or you can do something about it to discover the insights that safeguarded me job utilizes at Google, Intuit, Sun Microsystems, a venture-backed start-up, a position with Seth Godin, and more.

You can discover how my “pilot students” used this item to turn their typical resumes into sensational files that got them interviews– and job offers.

It’s fascinating to me.
When challenged with bad actions to their resumes,.
some people …

  • If that’s going to help)



  • Decide to send 50 more copies (as.
  • Turn around and blame the economy (paradoxical, thinking about that leading performers are still getting job offers)
  • Decide they need “more experience” (as a result delaying their job try to find another 2 years)

All these rather of truly learning methods to make up a winning cover letter and resume. Which you can do in just a number of hours!


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